AC. Godliman Illustration

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Racing pigeon Cribbage
The wolves are watching.


Off we go to the circus…

Night landscape with reversible blocks.

The style of the clouds was inspired by Ice Water Games’ Eidolon, the blocks themselves are re-purposed from a wooden marble maze toy.

Some little landscapes, ground and sky.

Lost at Sea, 9 piece toy and board.

1x Raft, 1 x Island, 1 x Shark, 3 x Gull, 1 x Tree, 2 x Sailor.

His name is Victor by the way, he is Dutch.

Still working on those other photos, in the mean time, have the moon on a stick why don’t you…
Lost at Sea.
Three game pieces from a nine piece set and board which I will try and post the entirety of on Monday once I can work out a way to photograph it which doesn’t look terrible.
some fish counters