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Old man sun

Old man sun

Sun Fish, Mola Mola.

Character cards from a newly started game project. These two are Him and The Hands.

And sometimes our god drowns horses.


Postcard swap between A C Godliman http://acgodliman.tumblr.com/(L,M) and Ed Cheverton (R).

Mine and Amy’s swap sadly marked the first postcard casualty of the club, when she initially sent me this awesome postcard board game (Left) which never arrived. We’d decided it was probably just a bit too thick and ‘bumpy’ to for the post office. As a replacement she sent the middle postcard! Check out Amy’s awesome paper cutting skills and incredible board game inventions!

I sent Amy a Llama knight.

This was the first iteration of Rightful Heir. I added chance cards to the second version, but the postcard limitations are what first inspired the coin toss mechanic and the three player limit (as that was how many tokens I could fit comfortably on the same space). May it rest peacefully now, defeated by a great beast/the post office sorting machine.

Embers, a two or one player game of contemplation.

Rightful Heir

A narrative game of chance between three players.

Based on an idea for a game originally designed to fit on the back of a postcard, with the players number of moves determined by a coin toss (1 for heads, 2 for tails). There are also chance spaces (the black circles) on which players gain or lose spaces based on the turn of an accompanying pack of cards.

Still working on this one, with plans for a narrative instruction book and possibly a larger and more complex version of the same game idea with moveable landscape elements (though I’ll have to work out the mechanics of that).

Armada, a game of war for two players.

Crab cut
Based on a True Story
Pencil and papercut.