A C Godliman

contact: procrastinationathon @gmail.com

Lost at Sea.
Three game pieces from a nine piece set and board which I will try and post the entirety of on Monday once I can work out a way to photograph it which doesn’t look terrible.
some fish counters

Small stone house; a sculptural game piece.

Hare and moon game counter
The Colour Out Of Space, 3D sketch.


Postcard swap between club members David Slebodnick (Top L+R) and A.C. Godliman (Bottom L+R).

Wow is this one of the most interesting swaps i’ve seen! David sent Amy a glow in the dark card (see top right image!) and Amy sent David a little pop up room postcard. Absolutely fantastic cards from both club members!

Interesting the creative push you get from being given limitations…fun too.

There is no east of here, nor a south, a west, or north.

Old man sun

Old man sun

Sun Fish, Mola Mola.

Character cards from a newly started game project. These two are Him and The Hands.